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Review 'This book calls itself 'a short guide'. It is not. It may be small on the outside but it is big on the inside. It is packed with useful information, for the procurement professional, for the supply chain manager, for the CEO, for any business owner. Even for the supply chain risk researcher, who is likely to find he exhaustive list of risks particularly useful. Truly, this book is about so much more than procurement, it is about so much more than the supply-side risks in the supply chain, it is about any kind of business and how to do your business well.' --Jan Husdal, Read more About the Author Dr Richard Russill operates internationally as an adviser, presenter and writer on business issues, particularly in the areas of supply cost- and relationship- management. Success in these areas enhances profitability and also stimulates the dynamism and purposefulness of company performance overall. His work with companies across all business sectors, public and private, large and small, complements his direct management experience with a global company in production, project management, industrial relations, negotiations, organisational development, engineering, and procurement. Richard has published widely, is co-author of the negotiation handbook It's A Deal, and author of Purchasing Power. He advocates the emerging idea of RROI: Renewable Return on Investment; is creator of the Centre-Led Action Network organisational concept ('CLAN'); and is widely-known internationally as a speaker on this and other business issues. He has advised the Juran Institute in Europe as facilitator for their international procurement best-practice benchmarking process, and is a visiting lecturer on negotiation for the MSc programme at Hong Kong University. In late 2002 Richard was honoured by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in receiving the prestigious Swinbank Award for his 'outstanding contribution to the profession' and for carrying its message into the business community at large. Read more