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Review Document Engineering provides a thorough, common-sense approach to designing the documents used in service-oriented architectures. Well written and packed with examples, it is timely reading for architects, developers, and managers. (Ronald Bourret, author of XML and Databases)Today, information technology is evolving so rapidly that the industry struggles to keep pace. This book explains the core concepts facing IT workers with respect to engineering data at both the atomic and aggregate (document) levels. It also tackles interoperability and multiple expressions of data at the meta and instance levels. This book will become the bible for document and data model engineering and should be required reading for all current IT workers -- period! (Duana Allan Nickull, Vice Chair, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business, and Senior Standards Strategist, Adobe Systems)This manifesto for the document engineering revolution gives you the what the why and the how of automating your business processes with XML leading to greater cost savings higher quality and more flexibility. (Hal Varian, Haas School of Business and Department of Economics, University of California Berkeley) Read more About the Author Tim McGrath is an independent consultant and is Chair of the Universal Business Language Library Content Subcommittee. With collaborator Robert J. Glushko, he maintains the Doc or Die blog.Robert J. Glushko is Adjunct Professor at the School of Information Management and Systems, University of California, Berkeley. With collaborator Tim McGrath, he maintains the Doc or Die blog. Read more