Book Description

From the Back Cover How winning companies make their competitors irrelevant by changing the rules of the game. As the CEOs of leading companies explain in this singular book of proved corporate strategy-making, Michel Robert's Strategic Thinking turned their companies around. And, to their surprise, they learned to ignore the competition while they were developing their own success-making distinctive strategy. What is the secret of this unusual approach? Unlike too many consultants who drain millions from today's companies with little or no positive effect, Robert and his staff meet directly with management and learn about a client's business from the inside out. Only then do they bring such concepts as 'distinctive strategy' and 'ultimate strategy' to bear on the problems and opportunities. The final process is a working collaboration that uses the powerful management tool of Strategic Thinking as a way of focusing on the specific capabilities and ambitions of a company. Like Robert's many satisfied clients, you too can learn how to develop a distinctive strategy that will distinguish your company in the marketplace -- without making the fatal mistake of trying to imitate the competition. You will see how strategic thinking is the essence of competitive advantage. Robert shows how his breakthrough concept sheds new light on the dramatic success of such innovators as Michael Dell, Ted Turner, Sam Walton, Charles Schwab, and Craig McCaw. The Power of Strategic Thinking is your guide to using Robert's strategic thinking process in your own way to bring out your company's unique potential and recognize its signature driving force. You'll never again be satisfied with conventional business strategies Read more About the Author Michel Robert is founder and president of Decision Processes International, Inc., an internationally known consulting firm with 40 partners in 15 countries. His clients include such major companies as Caterpillar, 3M, and GATX. A noted speaker, he has written articles in numerous business magazines and journals, including Forbes, Barron's, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Time and Business Week. He is the author of Strategy Pure & Simple, Product Innovation Strategy Pure & Simple, and Strategy Pure & Simple II. Robert lives in Westport, CT. Read more