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Book Description Competition for admission to law school is intense, with many if not most students hoping to gain admission to a 'dream' law school. Many of these students then hope to transfer to that dream school. The intensity of the law school experience-along with the exclusivity of top law jobs-feeds a desire among many law students to 'transfer up' to their dream school. This book is a guide for these law students. It points out the difficulties and potential traps, and walks students through the transfer process. Importantly, this is the only book available in this topic. (Andrew B. Carrabis) Read more From the Publisher Transferring from one law school to another is like painting a delicate and complicated panorama, moving from one scene (your current law school) to a new one (the law school of your dreams). There are the technical elements, sure: certain methods and steps must be done at certain, specific times, and in certain ways. Failing to follow these can make your colors sag and smear, destroying all that you've done to that point. In law school, that's a lifetime of academic preparation. As with all works of art, of course, there's an artistic element as well. So, it's not enough to simply submit papers and files on time. What is done must be done so that it's pleasing to those who see it: the admissions committee. (Or for transfers, often just one person: the dean of admissions.) Like all former transfer students, we painted our canvases. And as with nearly all novices, we made mistakes. These mistakes cost us time, money, and maybe even acceptance possibilities. The transfer process is full of quirks that a novice--any novice--will not see coming. With this book you will be prepared, and you will prepare your own work of art. After years of effort and sacrifice, don't ruin your portrait with needless errors. Instead, create the masterpiece that will get you into the law school of your dreams. Read more See all Editorial Reviews