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From Booklist Within the greater horticultural community, Avent and his Plant Delights Nursery are known for taking a high-spirited approach to a business that offers a select inventory of plants appealing to sophisticated gardeners. Befitting Avent's effervescent personality and commercial acumen, he steers clear of penning a purely technical manual, and alternatively presents a thoughtful, realistic overview on how to go about building and managing an enterprise based upon cultivating, marketing, and selling live plants. Avent writes for those aiming high in terms of income, as well as individuals who value freedom over profits, as he explains options associated with different types of nurseries. From the importance of business plans, to essential skills, mission statements, structuring a business, and selecting a site, Avent spells out all the necessary practicalities he has learned from experience and sheds light on the stresses one can expect to encounter as he takes readers inside every aspect of the nursery business. Alice JoyceCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more Review ?When I saw his book So You Want to Start a Nursery I half expected to open the cover and find a four-letter word: don?t. What I found instead was a comprehensive how-to textbook as well as a sober reality check.???The New York Times ?A thoughtful, realistic overview.???Booklist ?If I were truly thinking about starting a nursery, this book would be an indispensable starting point, and if I were already operating one, this book would make me closely re-examine my business practices, reduce costs, and increase profits. . . . it will spare every nursery owner (or dreamer) from the hundreds of headaches they are likely to encounter on the road to success.???American Gardener ?This book is an invaluable guide for anyone even remotely considering starting their own nursery.???Rock Garden Quarterly ?This is an essential book for all those considering horticulture as a profession.???Gardening Newsletter ?You?ll find answers (or pointers to answers) here for questions that you might otherwise never even think about asking?until it?s too late! Most importantly, the advice here is from someone who has ?been there, done that.????HortIdeas ?Encourages those who are considering following their dream to write themselves a reality check while they can still cash it.???Hosta Journal ?Now, inquiring beginners can be referred to this very comprehensive book covering all aspects of starting up a nursery.???Horticulture Update ?If you?ve ever thought about turning your gardening hobby into a nursery business, learn from Tony Avent?s experience.???Akron Beacon Journal ? Read more See all Editorial Reviews