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Review 'David Miles has done a wonderful job of de-sanctifying, unmoldering and energizing learning theory. -- Ron Zemke, co-author of 'Knock Your Socks Off' Read more Book Description Learning professionals may love those 500-page textbooks, but they?re not exactly light reading. Trainers on the go crave a portable reference packed with bite-sized, self-contained topics conveniently arranged for quick access and adaptable to a myriad of instructional situations. They?ll be thankful for The 30-Second Encyclopedia of Learning and Performance, which presents hundreds of terms, processes, and methodologies in one place. Readers can instantly locate any subject in the book, then read the brief but thorough entry in 30 seconds to three minutes. Or read Part One start to finish for an overview of the performance-improvement process, then dive back in as necessary. The author lists additional books and online sources, offers 'rapid histories' of each subject?s evolution and its noteworthy gurus, and writes in refreshing, plain English for rookies and experienced practitioners alike. v Read more See all Editorial Reviews