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From the Author 'Despite what you think, your ability to get a job has little to do with experience or intelligence. You don't need a resume overflowing with internships and degrees. And it isn't necessarily about being in the right place at the right time-although that never hurts. Instead, getting the job you want is about taking the time to learn to market yourself. 'This book will show you how?' -From the Introduction Read more From the Inside Flap A Dynamic Program for Leveraging Your Life Skills and Potential-and Landing Your Perfect Job Forget everything you've ever been told about looking for a job. Getting Your Foot in the Door presents an effective new method for organizing and highlighting your marketable skills, convincing an employer of your potential, and getting the ideal job offer-without an advanced degree or substantial related experience! Not a one-size-fits-all, fill-in-the-blanks 'get a job' guide, this step-by-step book walks you through the entire career search process. From self-assessment exercises to nuts-and-bolts guidelines for crafting an effective resume, fielding difficult interview questions, and negotiating the best package of salary and benefits, Getting Your Foot in the Door contains concrete rules to: o Determine your most salable skills o Prepare an attention-grabbing cover letter o Position yourself relative to your competition o Prepare for-and ace-interviews o Learn to profit from criticism o and more! You know you have a lot to offer. Let Getting Your Foot in the Door show you how to let employers know, with a self-assessment, self-marketing program that shows you how to get your resume noticed, handle the interview with ease, and land the job you want-with far less effort than you ever expected. Getting Your Foot in the Door is written for all job seekers-from recent college graduates looking for their first job to mid-career professionals looking for a fresh start-who find it necessary to sell potential over actual experience. Interviews with recruiters and human resources specialists, hands-on self-assessment exercises, frontline stories from job seekers who landed their dream careers, and more formulate an innovative system for applying proven product marketing methods to yourself, drawing up an effective marketing plan, and acting as both the salesperson and the product to get the job and career you want. Author Rob Sullivan-himself a seasoned headhunter and former frustrated job seeker-explains in engaging yet authoritative language how to: ? Highlight the two qualities that employers value most--passion and initiative ? Understand popular interviewing methods--and use them to your advantage ? Satisfy an interviewer who questions your level of education relative to other candidates ? Effectively follow up and close the deal ? Learn from criticism, rejection, and even your own mistakes ? Reposition yourself to appeal to different companies with vastly different needs The old way of job hunting-sending fifty copies of the same resume and cover letter, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best-is inadequate and ineffective, and doesn't pack nearly the punch of a well-crafted, pinpoint-targeted sales package. Getting Your Foot in the Door presents a powerful approach for combining self-awareness with proven product marketing skills, transforming yourself into a job seeker who quickly rises out of the resume pile-and winning over prospective employers with your skills, energy, and long-term potential. Read more See all Editorial Reviews