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From the Inside Flap Automatic Wealth for Grads is like getting your master's in financial independence?but without the midterms and textbooks. Filled with real-life examples and practical advice, this single book will teach you the secrets to getting wealthy sooner than you ever imagined . . . for many, even before the age of thirty. Most grads discover pretty quickly that making a lot of money is not as easy as depicted in movies or on infomercials. Getting wealthy is a serious business that requires ambition, intelligent choices, and follow-through. The good news is that it doesn't matter whether you majored in English or economics, you can use these 'money tested' techniques to make wealth-building not only probable but automatic. And when your cash flow balloons, you'll have more time, energy, and peace of mind to enjoy the things that really matter to you?whether it's traveling to Italy, playing the guitar, or just hanging out with friends and family. In Automatic Wealth for Grads, self-made multimillionaire Michael Masterson becomes your personal mentor, drawing upon his own experiences and those of experts in the fields of investing, real estate, and business to offer you a complete program for achieving financial independence in record time. Organized around proven wealth-creating principles, he will show you how to quickly master the powerful moneymaking skills that will transform you into a dynamic, automatic wealth-builder, no matter what career path you choose. The best part is that you don't need a fortune?or anything in the bank?to get started right now, whether it's finding a high-paying job, getting a huge raise, or even investing in real estate. Special Report Become a Millionaire Before You Turn 25! You want to drink champagne instead of beer, sail the Caribbean rather than swim in a pond. You've just finished Automatic Wealth for Grads and you're ready to get rich, starting today! Learn the secrets to automatic wealth from self-made millionaire Michael Masterson?sign up for a free trial subscription to his daily e-newsletter, Early to Rise, and receive a Special Report filled with 28 ideas for generating wealth eight times faster than you ever imagined. Sign up now at to get going and retire in your early 20s! Read more From the Back Cover 'Michael Masterson has personally helped more people achieve financial independence than anyone else I know. He has been a valuable mentor in my own life. Michael's credentials go far beyond the fact that he is an extremely successful businessman. (There are thousands of those.) He has a unique gift for discerning--and explaining in easily accessible terms--what it really takes to succeed. Automatic Wealth for Grads will give any young person a tremendous headstart for achieving their financial and professional goals at a very young age.' --Justin Ford, author of Seeds of Wealth: An Incredible Wealth-Building Plan for Your Children and Editor of Main Street Millionaire 'Only time will tell whether you will have the guts and honor to follow Masterson's masterful plan. Good luck!' --From the foreword by Mark Skousen, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, 2004-05 and Benjamin Franklin Chair of Management, Grantham University Organized around proven wealth-creating principles, this invaluable guide reveals powerful techniques and strategies that have personally worked for Michael Masterson as well as for the many people he's helped become wealthy and successful. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Automatic Wealth for Grads will show you how to: Choose a great career, get your first job, and rise to the top of your field Continuously increase your income on a fast-track basis, and get the biggest raises of your life Profit from the real estate market--even in today's uncertain market Start or gain equity in a business that will provide an automatic future income stream Invest in the stock market, save money on taxes, make purchases that appreciate, reduceyour credit costs, and achieve financial independence while you are still young enough to enjoy your money Read more See all Editorial Reviews