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From the Back Cover Praise For Michael Foster's company, AIRS: 'FLIPPING. PEELING. X-RAYING. Sounds like what chefs and radiologists do, right? These are also some of the ingenious tricks executive headhunters use in the age of digital resumes and electronic job searches. AIRS is one of a few firms at the forefront of the burgeoning specialty of Internet recruitment training.'--Wall Street Journal 'Michael Foster is the pioneering thought leader of the on-line recruiting process. He has married his understanding of the Internet, technology and process--with a keen understanding of marketing dynamic. Mike's work has dramatically impacted the use of the Internet as a recruitment intelligence and sourcing tool.'--Arthur Young, CEO, Recruiter Magazine and Powerful new ways to find the best talent online To compete for the best job candidates, you must recruit successfully on the Net. No other medium lets you search of hundreds of resume banks at once, or go straight to candidates with the precise skills you're seeking. Recruiting on the Web is a hands-on guide to firing up your browser and finding the perfect candidates quickly and cheaply--no matter where they may be hiding. Author Michael Foster is the founder and CEO of AIRS, the Internet recruitment training company worldwide. In this book he explains how to create a cutting-edge recruiting strategy and system that will slash costs, streamline your hiring process, and attract top talent. You'll discover the latest tactics for posting job openings online, how to search effectively through millions of resumes, and ways to advertise and search in Web communities and forums. Foster explains how to find active job seekers as well as the most desirable catches of all--the silent, 'passive' candidates. Any manager can learn the new rules of Web recruiting with this step-by-step guide--and use them to: Tailor online searches to peruse hundreds of thousands of personal Web pages Utilize new strategies for posting jobs to get maximum results at the lowest cost Infiltrate corporate sites with ingenious--and legal--techniques to uncover choice resumes and hot candidates Read more About the Author Michael E. Foster, author of Recruiting on the Web, is the founder and CEO of AIRS (Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies), the largest Internet recruitment training company worldwide, and originator of many of the most successful Web recruiting techniques in use today. Since 1997, AIRS has trained more than 30,000 recruiting professionals (from small organizations, to over 60% of the Fortune 500 companies) craft their Internet recruiting strategies. Read more