Book Description

Still confused about Bitcoin? Here's the book Bitcoin believers don't want you to read... Beyond the Bitcoin Hype is an accessible guide to the controversial currency everyone's talking about. It's for anyone who's curious about Bitcoin but not sure where to start. Save time and get the clearest explanations of the key concepts and issues. You'll be introduced to all the information you need to understand what Bitcoin is and how it works: the technology, the rules, and the critical challenges. Starting from what Bitcoin really is, to why it will fail, Beyond the Bitcoin Hype takes you through an avalanche of arguments that covers every angle. It looks beyond the surface to analyze the assumptions, beliefs, and values that are normally taken for granted in discussions about Bitcoin. This concentrated lesson for a general audience - no technical background required - will introduce you to a world we're sure to hear more about. You'll be brought up to speed to this exciting and experimental digital revolution - its goals, its obstacles, and its fate. Written in a conversational and easy to follow style with no fluff and no filler, you'll get the knowledge you need beyond all of the hype. You'll get beyond the Bitcoin hype.