Book Description

From the Back Cover A NEW WAY TO BUY MUTUAL FUNDS This indispensable strategy guide will show you how to start picking the mutual funds that are right for your specific needs, now. It provides basic, well-grounded fundamentals on selection and management. It enumerates the critical importance of asset allocation and risk management, the importance of minimized costs and taxes, and even the psychological hurdles that can undo the soundest of investment plans. Whether you?re actively trading or interested in simply building a secure portfolio that can run on autopilot, J.K. Lasser?s Pick Winning Mutual Funds will guide you toward achieving your financial goals. Critical coverage will help you: Take control of your investments by making the laws of probability work for you Stop making the average investor?s mistakes by picking funds that will increase your returns Decide when to use index or actively managed funds Add new funds to your portfolio to outperform funds with long track records Profit from the huge increase in services and the information that technology provides Read more About the Author JERRY TWEDDELL is a former stockbroker with twenty-five years of experience working with both institutional and individual investors. Currently, he is an investment advisor offering fee-based investment management and consulting services for individual investors. JACK PIERCE is retired from Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette, where he served as their first West Coast office manager, and has over thirty years in the investment business. He writes occasional articles for magazines on the subject of finance. Read more