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Review ... reveals ... an industry striving to protect millions of individuals. Every American should know this story. Emory Elliott University of California -- Jacket CommentBogardus tells a paradoxical and fascinating story?of how the boisterous energies of the marketplace were rendered safer,. . . Joseph J. Ellis -- Jacket commentReads at times like a John Grisham novel?... William R. Ferris University of North Carolina -- ForewordRich in detail?the book provides unique insight into the . . . nation's risk management industry. John T. Hompe Fox-Pitt, Kelton, Inc. -- Jacket CommentThis long overdue account? offers valuable lessons for insurance and business professionals,... A must-read. Ken Crerar, Council of Insurance Agents -- Jacket Comment Read more From the Publisher John A. Bogardus Jr., former chairman and CEO of the premier brokerage Alexander & Alexander, (with Robert H. Moore) uses his decades of experience--plus thirteen years of research--to explore and explain the history of insurance up to the present, post-9/11 period. Read more See all Editorial Reviews