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Review Long-Term care planning and Long-Term Care Insurance can both be confusing subjects. This book provides the essentials you need to know to make smart decisions with factual data and some of the best visual depictions that I've seen used. A failure to plan is a plan for failure. This is a great way to start.Jesse Slome, Executive Director American Association for Long-Term Care InsuranceN/A Read more From the Back Cover 'Worry is not preparation: Hope is not a good strategy.'Many people walk through a Long-Term care situation with a parent or loved one, but somehow don't consider that the same thing could just as easily happen to them. If we live long enough, it is more likely than not that we will each need Long-Term care. For a 65 year old couple, there is a 91% chance that one of the partners will need long term care.Have you provided care? Has someone provided care to you? Do you wonder what the risk is that you'll need care? Do you wonder what it costs where you live?Do you wonder if you're eligible for VA benefits? Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for care? Where else can you find money to pay for care? Reverse mortgages? Life insurance or annuities? Life settlements? Viatical settlements? Should you pay for care with cash?What about Long-Term care insurance? Has someone told you to buy it? Do you wonder how it works, what it costs, when to buy it, and which insurer you can trust?This book walks you through the options for financing the cost of Long-Term care. The approach is 'everything you need to know, and nothing you don't.' The information is clear, concise, and to the point.Jeff Tomlin has studied Long-Term care since 1994, and has taught a class on Long-Term care planning for his local community college since 2011. This book grew out of the research he did for that class. Because of his own family history in this area, he is on a mission to make everyone aware of the need to plan ahead. Read more See all Editorial Reviews