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From the Back Cover Expert advice to navigate the Medicare maze Explanations of how and when to enroll Tips to avoid costly mistakes Get up to speed on Medicare It's time for you (or a loved one) to enroll in Medicare, but Medicare is a maze. You must choose among many options to pick the one that's best for you. To do that, you need accurate information that helps you steer clear of bad advice and costly pitfalls. Medicare For Dummies is the practical guide you need to navigate Medicare successfully and get the best of the system. It also explains how Medicare fits in with other health insurance you may have. Inside? When you should sign up A clear explanation of how Medicare works How you qualify What Medicare covers ? and costs The myriad options available How to choose a Part D plan How Medicare works with other healthcare benefits Read more About the Author Patricia Barry is features editor of AARP Media as well its online 'Ms. Medicare' columnist. A recognized authority on Medicare and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage who has written extensively for consumers, Patricia has answered thousands of questions sent by Medicare beneficiaries across the nation. Read more