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Excerpt. ? Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter 1 Waking Up Match each word or phrase to its meaning: 1. turn off 2. get up 3. be up to 4. get out 5. call in 6. shave off 7. cut off 8. come on! 9. knock off 10. go off 11. drown out 12. turn over 13. go back 14. jump out 15. run out remove hair with a blade rotate to opposite side leave one's bed be activated, sound exit on the run exit cause something not to be heard telephone remove with scissors return to an earlier condition, position, or action stop take off, cause to not be somewhere leave quickly expressing disbelief, sarcasm in the mood for Can you figure out the meanings of the italicized words in the following passages? Conversation One: Victor: Turn off the alarm clock. It's too early to get up. Fiona: Rise and shine! It's time to get out of bed and get going! You have a full day ahead of you at the office. Victor: I'm not up to a full day. I'm going to call in sick. Conversation Two: Ann-Marie: Why don't you shave your beard off? Steve: I don't think that's a good idea. I might cut off a few gray hairs, but I'm too lazy to shave every day. Ann-Marie: Come on. If you were clean shaven, you'd knock ten years off your age. Steve: Hey, wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me I look old? Short Talk: When the alarm clock goes off, most people just turn over, cover their heads with a pillow to drown out the sound, and go back to sleep. Some, however, jump out of bed, do a few exercises, take a shower, dress and run out of the house. They don't even take time for breakfast. Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences: 16. _____ you _____ another game of cards, or do you want to go to bed? 17. She wasn't feeling well, so she _____ sick. 18. Close the screen door so the cats don't _____. 19. I'll _____ the radio _____ so it doesn't bother you while you're studying. 20. If the fire alarm _____, call the fire department immediately. 21. I asked the barber not to touch my sideburns, but he went ahead and _____ them _____ anyway. 22. The singer was so loud that she _____ the rest of the band. 23. The salesperson _____ about $10 _____ the retail price. 24. We need to _____ early tomorrow if we're going to be at work by nine. 25. They wanted to leave early, but they couldn't _____ of the office until eight. 26. Oh, _____! You should have known better than that! 27. The pedestrian _____ of the way of the car just in time. 28. One should _____ a mattress every six months. 29. Before you wrap the present, _____ the price tags. 30. I'd like to _____ to bed and catch a little more sleep. Answer Key 1. stop 2. leave one's bed 3. in the mood for 4. exit 5. telephone 6. remove hair with a blade 7. remove with scissors or a knife 8. expression showing disbelief or sarcasm 9. take away 10. be activated, make a sound 11. cause something not to be heard 12. rotate to opposite side 13. return to an earlier condition, position, or action 14. exit on the run 15. leave quickly 16. are (you) up to 17. called in 18. run out 19. turn (the radio) off 20. goes off 21. shaved (them) off 22. drowned out 23. knocked (about $10) off 24. get up 25. get out 26. come on 27. jumped out 28. turn over 29. cut off 30. go back Copyright ? 1998 by Kaplan Educational Centers Read more