Book Description

It's 1999. We're counting off the days until New Year 2000, and the average small businessperson or personal computer user still doesn't know how the turning of electronic calendars everywhere from 99 to 00 is going to affect his or her own work, finances, or survival, let alone the fate of the world. Should we laugh the whole thing off as an apocalyptic conspiracy theory -- or stockpile enough food and hard cash to make it through a few weeks of worldwide chaos? The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Y2K finally puts the whole thing into perspective, explaining what it will really mean to the person. Among the questions it answers are: -- Why problems may arise in clock radios, tractors, cars, garage door openers, heating systems and conveyor belts -- not just the office or home PC-- What the potential impact may be on finances -- both personal and global -- and how it might be possible to make money from the Y2K bug-- What the experts think we'll need to survive Y2K, whether we live in the country, the suburbs, or the city-- Which medical records to have on hand in the event of disappearing data -- and whether or not pacemakers can keep pace with Y2K-- What to expect from transportation, telecommunication, sanitation, the police, and the military on the morning of January 1, 2000 -- and beyond