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Review 'A uniquely valuable contribution to our children's literature that deserves to be widely read.'?Glenn C. Loury, Professor of Economics, Brown University (USA)'An original and entertaining introduction to economics. This delightful collection of stories from around the world illustrates complex ideas in a simple and appealing way which can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.'Enrico Spolaore, Professor of Economics, Tufts University (USA)?'A fantastic ride through a mosaic of geography, culture and economics.'Matthias Cinyabuguma, Senior Economist, World Bank?'A gentle introduction to economics for kids. Recommended.'Ivo Welch, Professor of Finance, UCLA Anderson School of Management(USA)?'I have no doubt that this will be a major asset in the hands of history, business and economics teachers and students.'Stephen Lowry, Principal,United World College of Southern Africa (Swaziland) 'A wonderful introduction to the key principles of economics through storytelling.'Patrick Awuah, Founder and President, Ashesi University (Ghana)'A most original book...which provides so much food for thought.'Anna Aizer, Associate Professor of Economics, Brown University (USA)? Read more From the Author Some readers may call this a children's book: they are right. This book is for children aged nine to ninety! It is for anyone who wants to unravel the mysteries of economics with the clarity and simplicity of reading tales. From the tranquil settings of a Ghanaian village to the bustling alleys of an Iranian bazaar, this collection of stories will take you through a journey around the globe, meeting new characters who speak different languages and have different cultures but who all experience the reality of economics in their daily lives. Read more See all Editorial Reviews