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Review Finally, an in-depth 10-year survey on South African sanctions casts new doubt on their effectiveness... -- Wall Street Journal Europe, September 3, 2001Haley is to be applauded for tackling such a complex issue head on...thought-provoking research... -- Academy of Management Review, Vol. 27, #4, October 2002Haley whose book [is] based on a seven-year study...explained that the best run multinationals are perceived as local brands. -- United Press International (UPI), December 27, 2004Hitting a company's bottom line through exclusion from government the best way to force change, Haley said. -- Atlanta Journal Constitution, October 7, 2004This important book is the first to study systematically why multinationals leave host states and the circumstances that prompt their leaving. -- William D. Guth, Professor of Management and Strategy, Stern School of Business, New York University Read more About the Author Usha C. V. Haley (PhD, Stern School of Business, New York University) is a Professor of Management, focusing on Strategic Management and International Business, in the School of Business at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut. She has more than 90 books, journal articles, book chapters and research presentations on international strategic management. She has taught International Business and Strategic Management at major universities in the United States (including Harvard University), Singapore (at the National University of Singapore), Australia (at the Australian National University), and Mexico (at ITESM, Monterrey Campus). Additionally, she has taught in major corporate, governmental and universities' executive-development programs, for top and middle managers and policy makers, in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Finland, India and Singapore. She also serves as a consultant on issues concerning strategic management and foreign direct investment for several multinational corporations in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia and as Regional Editor (Asia Pacific) for two academic journals. In 2003, she received a Life-Time Achievement award in Management from the Literati Club (UK) and a panel of businesspersons, policymakers and academics, for her contributions to the understanding of business in the Asia Pacific. She is listed in Who?s Who in America. Read more