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Review In her energetic self-help debut, Conger offers familiar ideas for personal improvement and success.Splashed with bold color designs and action photographs of people?like a woman with outstretched arms in a field of bright yellow flowers?Conger?s exuberant pep talk feels like a warm and fuzzy motivational poster. Many of the colorful pictures include inspirational quotes, such as these attributed to Est?e Lauder: ?I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.? Indeed, hard work and grit are the cornerstones of Conger?s message, one often tinged with humor. A photo of a pretty young woman asleep in bed is accompanied by the message, ?GET THE F*@% OUT OF BED.? Conger also jokingly compares the Broadway musical Annie to her own ?hard knock life.? When Conger was 3, her mother died, and she had a turbulent adolescence. But she didn?t let hardship stop her from reaching her goals. This slim, easy-to-flip volume offers familiar concepts for self-improvement, such as becoming a more loving person (the author suggests smiling at cashiers) and learning gratitude. Conger?s upbeat kaleidoscope of advice isn?t a step-by-step guide, but it does have some usable ideas. For example, to cultivate a grateful heart, Conger suggests sending 10 thank-you cards to people and keeping a ?gratitude journal.? Likewise, she recommends Dr. B.J. Fogg?s ?Tiny Habits? (and reading for four minutes a day) to foster positive life habits. The author?s voice is friendly, and she sometimes addresses readers directly when making a point: e.g., ?Are you ready for it?? She also offers book recommendations, like Smile and Move by Sam Parker, and thought-provoking items, such as the ?How Not To Be Thankful? poster by Mark Russell available on her website. Readers looking for in-depth discussion might not be sated, but those without a lot of reading time can find inspiration in Conger?s quick, cheerful words.Easy-reading thoughts to ponder in an eye-catching design.Kirkus Reviews Read more About the Author Some say she was raised by wolves, others claim truckers. No matter what her upbringing, this super woman has flourished in a male dominated industry for 21 years. Beginning in the wild, wild West of Las Vegas in 1993 with KB Homes (a top five national homebuilder), Ronda Conger has staked her claim as the Vice President of Idaho?s largest homebuilder, CBH Homes, where she leads the CBH troops daily, overseeing all areas of the company for the past twelve years. Her resume doesn?t stop there. As owner of a real estate company and a mining company, a board member of the St. Luke?s Children?s Hospital and Zions Bank Women?s Financial Group, and a cabinet member for the Treasure Valley YMCA, she happily serves as an active member of the Boise business community. Business woman, professional speaker, and now author of two books: Better Human and Better Thinking, it?s been rumored her high energy and passion come from shot gunning red bulls daily, but she?ll tell you it comes from her incredibly hot husband, Jim Conger (just ask her) and her 13- and 17-year-old sons. She thanks the heavens each day for this incredible journey and is so very grateful for the opportunity to serve and love all those that she comes in contact with. Read more