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Review ?In Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney Johnson explains, in manageable, concrete terms, how to identify and pursue the possibilities to build a happier life....Johnson?s book explains not only why, but how to take those steps?with full confidence and success.? ? Gretchen Rubin | New York Times best- selling author of The Happiness Project?I read Dare, Dream, Do with a highlighter clenched between my teeth and a pad of sticky notes in my hand. Whitney Johnson has written a book that is hopeful, honest, and beautifully written....the amazing stories make dreaming accessible without diminishing its power or magic.? ? Bren? Brown | Ph.D., LMSW, author of The Gifts of Imperfection ?As an accomplished business leader, Whitney Johnson acutely understands how to translate ambitions into action. Dare, Dream, Do not only ignites the courage to pursue your aspirations, but also serves as a powerful guide to achieve what once may have seemed out of reach.? ? Moira Forbes | publisher ForbesWoman?Dare, Dream, Do belongs in every success toolkit. Business leader and master storyteller, Whitney Johnson shows how remarkable things happen when we dare to claim our strengths, own our dreams, and do what we?re meant to do. A fabulous guide for business and for life.? ? Liz Strauss | business strategist and author of 'Whitney Johnson maps out a masterpiece for women that is filled with wisdom, strategies, fascinating stories, and all that matters most in life. Dare, Dream, Do?is an incredible book. I want to give this book to every woman I know.'? Lolly Daskal |?President and Founder of Lead From Within: Heart based Leadership for Work and Life'Rethink the fundamentals of your life. Disrupt your status quo. That?s Whitney Johnson?s invitation (and challenge) to each of us in?Dare, Dream, Do. I urge you to accept her invitation.'? Clayton M. Christensen |?professor, Harvard Business School and best-selling author'Dare, Dream, Do?is hopeful, honest, and beautifully written, making dreaming accessible without diminishing its power or magic.?? Bren? Brown |?Ph.D., LMSW and author of?The Gifts of Imperfection'Every night before I fell asleep my mom would say to me, ?you can do anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it.' Dare, Dream, Do?is inspiring and eye-opening. Whitney is reminding us how important it is to dream at any age.'? Summer Sanders |?Olympic gold medalist swimmer, sports commentator and reporter'Read this book for your soul and read it for your future! Join Whitney on an inspired journey toward realizing the power and potential in yourself...Learn how to catalog your talents and channel them toward a thrilling future. Then start dreaming BIG.'? Betsy Morgan |?former CEO The Huffington Post, and president of The Blaze'There are just a few books where you want to read every single word.?Dare, Dream, Do?by Whitney Johnson is one of those rare books. Every page is filled with stories, with wisdom, and with unusual insights that inspire and guide us in how to dream...'? Ellen Galinsky |?President, Families and Work Institute, Author,?Mind in the Making Read more Review Clayton Christensen is the world?s leading thinker on innovation and the New York Times bestselling author of The Innovator?s Dilemma, the only business book that Apple?s Steve Jobs said ?deeply influenced? him. Most recently, he is the author of How Will You Measure Your Life?, an unconventional book of inspiration and wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life. Read his exclusive guest review of Dare, Dream, Do:Every semester at Harvard Business School, on the last day of class I deliver a lecture, not on building and sustaining a successful enterprise, but rather on building and sustaining a happy life.I often start with something like, ?In just a few months you?ll graduate and embark on what to many, including your selves, will be prestigious, lucrative, high-profile careers. But if you want to also have happy lives, you need to know the purpose of your life. Take the time, even if it?s at midnight each night, to figure out what you are meant to do. Or in the words of my colleague Howard Gardner, learn to cultivate existential intelligence, or the ability to make meaning of life.?One of my personal missions is to inspire others to discover their purpose in life. As such, what started as a lecture has now become a book I co-authored with James Allworth and Karen Dillon. While our book focuses on individuals across the board, Whitney Johnson?s book Dare, Dream, Do further drills down on the topic by thinking through the question of how do women build a happy life. Through powerful storytelling, she dares women to rethink their current fundamentals, to measure their life by the only yardstick that matters ? what she specifically is meant to do, including the importance of teaching her children to dream. The book then moves to provide women with specific tools for identifying what it is they were meant to do, recognizing that creating a meaningful life emerges from answering the deepest questions about our life?s purpose.It concludes with the injunction to simply begin. It may be frightening at first. There will be much that you can?t predict. But it is only in the doing, that you can ultimately build and sustain a happy life. For anyone who has pondered the question, ?what should I do with my life,? for anyone who is seeking fresh inspiration, advice and tactics, I recommend Dare, Dream, Do. Whether your purpose is to circle the globe or draw your family circle, Dare, Dream, Do helps make that discovery possible. Read more See all Editorial Reviews