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INTRAPRENEURSHIP: IGNITE INNOVATION Intrapreneurship is the secret to escalating and enduring success. With an effective intrapreneurship program in place organizations can increase knowledge capital, ignite innovation, recruit and retain key employees, unlock new product and service creation, expand market share, sustain higher profits, and improve job satisfaction. Corporate executives who lead and build powerful teams and organizational cultures that support game-changing innovation agree. Out-of-the-box thinking, risk taking, and the drive of entrepreneurship need to resonate loud and clear within their organizations. In Intrapreneurship: Ignite Innovation, Dr. Haller reveals how to: Become a Successful Intrapreneur 12 Strategies for Intrapreneurial Success 9 Habits of Highly Effective and Successful Intrapreneurs 3 Famous Intrapreneurs One Tricky Truth about Intrapreneurship Build a Successful Intrapreneurship Program 3 Enduring Benefits to Expect When Intrapreneurship Ignites Within Your Organization 6 Key Ways to Build a Culture of Intrapreneurship 10 Effective Ways to Encourage Innovation, Risk Taking and Out-of-the-Box Thinking Tips to Run a Successful Intrapreneurship Program Newly expanded to include 20 Real World Intrapreneurship case studies of profitable innovative companies who use intrapreneurship and profiles of visionary intrapreneurs you'll be inspired to bring intrapreneurship alive within your organization to ignite long-term profitability, enthusiasm, and be in a stellar position to retain a highly gifted staff. Dr. Haller goes beyond concept and theory of intrapreneurship. As a proven "hands on" intrapreneurship expert, he has taken multiple intrapreneurial ventures, as founder or co-founder, from Zero in sales to over Hundreds of Millions of dollars in sales- each in four years or less. Haller successfully built a series of profitable intrapreneurial (corporate entrepreneurial) entities within large and medium companies. Some of these include: PR1ME Computer, Anaconda-Ericsson Inc., and Corona Data Systems. Called "The da Vinci of Finance" by those who know him, Dr. Haller is on a mission to light the spark and to nourish the flame of intrapreneurship by creating a million intrapreneurs, who are beating the drum for a way to create innovation within the confines of cubicle nation in a way it's never been done before, to make the world a better place. Dr. Haller is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, including co-founding, taking public, and then selling for cash the technology firm RETIX to Crédit Lyonnais Bank. Intrapreneurship expert Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D. is a sought-after real world authority and keynote speaker who inspires business leaders serious about big growth to nourish the intrapreneurship flame to ignite innovation, create and retain key employees, unlock product creation, expand market share, and achieve and sustain higher profits within their organizations. Visit: