Book Description

Can you be successful at business or even running a country without losing your soul? David Armstrong thinks you can! In his new book, Hanging By A Thread, David shares real life examples of people and companies that are successful by simply following "The Golden Rule" of: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Everyone has choices to make (business and personal) and your moral values and ethics make up the internal compass that points you to choose. An incorrect choice can have grave consequences on you, your family, your company or for those in government, a nation. In Hanging By A Thread, you will learn about Armstrong International, which is a successful, profitable company that follows the golden rule in all of its decisions for over a century, and in the process, is flourishing in an otherwise turbulent economy. "Times of adversity and temptation are precisely when values and principles matter most. David Armstrong keeps his promises and fulfills his obligations. And, it's also safe to say that Armstrong is a man who maintains his honor even when it is costly to do so." - Pat Williams, Vice President of the Orlando Magic