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From Booklist Expanding on the theme of meditation as a conduit to professional and personal fulfillment that he established in his first two books (Awake at Work, 2004; Mindful Leader, 2008), Carroll focuses here on developing fearlessness, an approach to life and the work we do characterized by ?delight and courage.? Here, the author bases the framework of his book around slogans, catchy phrases like ?Command gracefully? and ?Be, see, do,? that are distillations of broader philosophical concepts Carroll both discusses at greater length and encourages his reader to use as meditational focal points. Capitalizing on his experience working in the finance and publishing industries and on his work as a meditation teacher, Carroll presents ideas from a range of Buddhist traditions and Eastern philosophies in a manner that is easy to understand, particularly for the more business-minded reader. Those looking to apply a spiritual approach to their work life without delving too deeply into Buddhist teachings will find a straightforward method to doing so here. --Taina Lagodzinski Read more Review ?Valuable lessons in real connection for the ?Facebook generation,? Fearless at Work offers practical guidance for taming our minds and approaching work?and life?with confidence and humor. An essential resource for reshaping our modern day approach to livelihood.??Deborah Dugan, CEO, (RED) ?Michael Carroll is among the wisest, sharpest, and most skillful individuals I have ever known. Utterly trustworthy, profound, and pragmatic, this new book expresses in beautiful language how to use Buddhist principles to transform our work life into a source of confidence, goodness, and happiness.??Susan Piver, author of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart ?Michael Carroll?s Fearless at Work is a valuable book for our time. It is an infusion of intelligence and deep sanity into a subject that, for many, has become a daily experience of relative madness. Michael seems to effortlessly harmonize his mature understanding of Buddhist teachings and practice with the everyday?and very real?challenges of life and livelihood. His message is provocative and serious, yet lighthearted, in the lively teaching style of his teacher Ch?gyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Michael?s many years of study and deep experience in both Buddhist practice and the workplace come shining forth in these pages.??Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Sensei, Abbot, Fire Lotus Temple, Zen Center of New York City? ?Michael Carroll helps me to be aware not only of what I?m doing at work but also how I am doing it?and most importantly, how I am in the midst of it all. Approaching livelihood with this kind of awareness is exactly what we need in the modern day workplace because, as Fearless at Work makes clear, being delightfully courageous in what we do makes all the difference.??Barry Boyce, Editor-in-Chief, ?Neuroscience continues to show how mindfulness awareness practice promotes health and well-being?and, as a longtime Buddhist practitioner and former executive, Michael shows us a path for rediscovering our natural fearlessness and for learning to trust our true being. Fearless at Work can make a big difference in your work and life.??Yi-Yuan Tang, PhD, Director of Texas Tech University Neuroimaging Institute and Presidential Endowed Chair in Neuroscience? ?Fearless at Work tackles the challenge of spiritual development in an extraordinary setting?the workplace?while focusing on the greatest disabler in that domain: fear. The book offers valuable guidance for developing a personal meditative practice in order to be fully present for the people we serve as leaders and colleagues, so vital in these times of dramatic change in our shared global workplace. Fearless at Work is a hugely valuable guide for spiritual practitioners at work!??Richard Bowles, PhD, Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Merck & Co. Read more See all Editorial Reviews