Book Description

Former Pepsi-Co senior financial executive and author of “Fast Tracking Up The Corporate Ladder: From Bean Counter to CFO,” Len Schutzman shares his insights on his spectacular rise and the proven Eight-Step Process that will allow you to take control of your career and get a reputation as a fast tracker. Len believes that the challenging economic times we live in present great opportunities for the best and brightest executives to gain a competitive advantage. Among the subjects he covers is the importance of broadening your horizon beyond your initial area of expertise, the specific practical ideas to sharpen your business acumen and how to be viewed as a strategic thinker. In addition, he shares specific practical ideas to creating a network of business relationships outside of your company and how to get noticed by volunteering for difficult challenges in troubled business units. He shares the inside story of discovering accounting irregularities in Pepsi’s international bottling business and how he rebuilt the business and the financial organization. The emphasis is on real-life practical strategies – not on theories. Len also shares insights on how to find mentors and role models and how to best develop an effective mentoring relationship. He describes the importance and “how-tos ”of being an effective communicator, both written and oral, and how to excel at talent development and be viewed as a developer of the next generation of business leaders. Len shares the stories of his coaching and mentoring of young managers who went on to become CEO of companies such as Kraft Foods, Toys ‘R Us, Six Flags Parks, Uniqlo, and/or CFO, Treasurer or Controllers of CBS, Viacom, Dean Foods, Gymboree, America Online, Nike, Staples, Safeway Stores, Viacom, CBS, Sara Lee Company, Rodale Publishing, Yale University, Constellation Brands, Gymboree and Forever 21. Len shares with his audiences the unique challenges and opportunities of today’s business environment and offers career-changing advice based on his extraordinary career. His first-person lessons on how to challenge your top executives and teams to excel beyond expectations, showing them how to achieve astounding results are positively transformational.