Book Description

About the Author Frank Buytendijk's professional background in strategy, performance management and organizational behavior gives him a strong perspective across many domains in business and IT. He is an exceptional speaker at conferences all over the world, and was recently called an ?intellectual provocateur? and ?having an unusual warm tone of voice.? His work is frequently labeled as provocative, deep, truly offering a different approach, and out-of-the-box. More down to earth, his daughter once described it as ?my daddy sits in airplanes, stands on stages, and tells jokes.? Frank is also a visiting fellow at Cranfield University School of Management, a regular guest lecturer at London School of Economics, and a TDWI Fellow. Frank has published over 100 research papers and articles at Gartner, in professional journals, magazines and press, including the Balanced Scorecard Report (Harvard Business Press), Business Performance Management Magazine, CIO Magazine, and CFO Magazine. He has been quoted in newspapers and magazines all over the world, and appeared on RTL Television and CNBC. One of the case studies from his book ?Dealing with Dilemmas? is also available as a Harvard Business Review case study. Read more