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From Publishers Weekly This charming, easy-to read volume explains the difference between luck, which 'doesn?t last long, because it does not depend on you' and Good Luck, which 'is created by each of us: that?s why it lasts forever.' In friendly, fairy tale style, the authors tell a story of two knights seeking to find a magic four-leaf clover in an enchanted forest, and along the way impart wisdom about making one?s own luck. The allegory is peppered with 'Rules of Good Luck' and other mantras that manage?most of the time?to ring true. The knight who makes his own luck and ultimately succeeds, of course, is the one who sees obstacles and challenges, not insurmountable impediments, and who works to overcome them intelligently. He creates new conditions, seeks to help others, is unafraid to take action, doesn?t give up and realizes that opportunity is always out there. The story is inspiring, and a series of quotes from celebrities and sages near the end reinforces the idea that success comes from learning how to make one?s own luck.Copyright ? Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Read more Review ?...close to notching up worldwide sales of one million in countries as varied as Germany, Indonesia and North Korea?? (The Guardian, 26th September 2004) Read more See all Editorial Reviews