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Review Too many researchers forget that we have as much?or more?to learn from failure as we do from success. By examining transitions that have worked and ones that haven't, William M. Klepper has given us new perspective on how the board can work with the CEOs while still holding them accountable. This work is a much-needed addition to the canon of board-level best practices. (Michael E. Raynor, author of The Strategy Paradox and coauthor of The Innovator's Solution)The CEO's Boss is a read for anyone who looks to be taking the highest position in a company. (The Midwest Book Review)The CEO's Boss serves up a wealth of practical, hands-on recommendations to build a productive partnership and a plan of action for a variety of businesses and settings.... For anyone who wants to take board evaluation, leadership structure, and dynamics to the next level, The CEO's Boss is inspired reading and will provide impetus for discussion. (Corporate Board Member) Read more Review This sharply focused book fills a very important gap in boardrooms and the literature on corporate governance. William M. Klepper is a highly skilled researcher. (Ram Charan, business consultant and best-selling author) Read more See all Editorial Reviews