Book Description

From the Back Cover Supplement any type of training with a stress management activity--your participants will thank you! Teach your participants to 'stress-proof' themselves with these training activities from a leading expert on stress. Designed to provide stress-proofing techniques your trainees can take home with them, as well as on-the-spot relaxation in the middle of a long training session, these science-based methods are fun to teach and easy to apply. Dr. Robert Epstein, a Harvard-trained psychologist, gives you: quick methods for helping trainees relax, clear their minds, and prepare for learning; techniques that raise trainees' stress-tolerance levels, help them remove through the day more smoothly, and unleash their creativity; special techniques that help people cope with organizational change; innovative methods for dealing with interpersonal conflicts; stress-handling methods especially for managers; relaxation tools for the desk-bound; self-assessment surveys for measuring stress-management skills; reproducible handouts; instructions for tailoring each exercise to fit any group. Stress management and relaxation activities can be used as a welcome 'breather' in any training program--or combine several activities to create your own stress management training module. Not just for training sessions, the methods in this book can help any speaker, leader, or boss relax a crowd, soothe a staff, and generate improved creativity and productivity in any group. A selection of techniques you'll find inside meditation for the impatient; reach for the sky; dancing with your eyes; terrific tummy technique; popeye puffs; capturing a daydream; compu-relaxation; gravity magic. Read more About the Author Dr. Robert Epstein is one of the world?s leading experts on human behavior. A Ph.D. of Harvard University, Dr. Epstein is University Professor at United States International University in San Diego, Chairman and CEO of InnoGen International, Director of the San Diego Institute for Executive Leadership, and the founder and Director Emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Massachusetts. He is a Contributing Editor for Psychology Todaymagazine and host of a national radio program sponsored by the magazine. Dr. Epstein has written popular articles for Psychology Today, Readers?s Digest, Good Housekeeping, Parenting, The Washington Post, and other periodicals, and he has also published numerous scholarly and scientific articles. His recent books include Creativity Games for Trainers (also from McGraw-Hill), and Cognition, Creativity, and Behavior: Selected Essays; Irrelativity; Pure Fitness: Body Meets Mind; and Self-Help Without the Hype. Read more