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Review a phenomenal business success story. (, June 2011). much of Roedy s advice is not just about how to work but also about how to live. (The Lancet, June 2011). Engrossing... a penetrative insight into the youth entertainment business Irish-Times Read more Review ?Roedy spent 22 years with MTV, building its networks around the world. He imparts a number of business lessons learned from his successes and mistakes during his years in cable TV, reinforcing the importance of prioritizing and the need to delegate. Of course, the real highlights of the book are Roedy's many anecdotes, including deflecting P. Diddy's more outrageous demands, wearing sneakers to meet the Dalai Lama and soothing the Duchess of York's hurt feelings when rockers swore at her on TV.? ? Computer World ?As business how-to books go, there are few as entertaining as Bill Roedy's What Makes Business Rock.? ? New York Post ?What Makes Business Rock is rockin'?good fun and full of actionable advice?for execs who hope to plant their own flags in new frontiers with an entertaining twist ? it's chocked full of fabulous gossip, celebrities, rock idols, politicians, global leaders and of course loads of music.? ? ?A CNBC Best Book of Summer 2011? 'Historians in the next century may look back with wonder at how a cable TV channel that started out playing only music videos ended up a titan of global media and a force in international politics. But that's the remarkable story told in Bill Roedy's What Makes Business Rock: Building the World's Largest Global Networks, a memoir of his time as head of MTV Networks International. . . it's hard to believe that none of Roedy's exploits are exaggerated. But that would be to miss the point. It's a tremendous read, and more than worthwhile for anyone seeking to understand how to scale a business globally - or even just for music fans who have laid down their guitars and taken out the piercings.' ?The National ?What Makes Business Rock chronicles Roedy?s journey and the lessons he learnt along the way. These include a stint in the US Army, fighting in Vietnam, running a nuclear missile base in Europe, studying at Harvard Business School as well as running an iconic international television channel that reflected the passion and brashness of a new age featuring an even newer art form ? the music video?.So how did MTV become, well, MTV?...[Roedy] ensured that the channel reached its young audience.? ?Business World ?Any entrepreneur will be able to identify with Roedy?s story. When he took charge, MTV was just beginning to grasp the way Europe functioned. By the time he left, he was overseeing MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, VIVA, TMF, Game One, Comedy Central and Paramount Comedy. Along the way he also became one of the most prominent characters in the global fight against HIV and AIDS.? -Forbes India Read more See all Editorial Reviews