Book Description

#1 Amazon bestselling Author Shaun Webb’s sixth full-length work, and second true crime study, Lost Youth: A True Story, delves into a fateful October 1981 night in Waterford, Michigan that rocked a quiet family’s peace and shook an entire community to its deepest emotional depth. Colette Molyneaux, 13, a cute, healthy and happy teenager, paid the ultimate price in a criminal’s horrible thirst for blood.  Nancy Molyneaux, Colette’s mother, also suffered enormously, enduring the violent act of rape on top of losing a dear daughter. Who was responsible for these monstrous crimes?  Why did such a bright light and friendly young lady have to be extinguished so brutally?  More to the point; what factors could have possibly contributed to the awful situation? In his search for the truth, Shaun digs into the police investigation, forensic science and interviews with the people who were closest to Colette along with others involved in the tragic case. Emotionally wrenching and infuriatingly sad, Lost Youth: A True Story seeks answers which are elusive in nature.  The story will soften the hardest heart and challenge one’s deepest logic. You are the jury.  Study all of the facts and see if you can come up with the answer that resists disclosure.  The surprises this case exposes will perplex you like nothing you’ve ever heard or read. Colette speaks with us from the spiritual world; can we take just a moment to listen?