Book Description

THE SNAKE HANDLER: Fighter for Justice is a fast paced, non-fiction thriller that documents the amazing and intriguing fifteen-year battle of a courageous Virginia farmer seeking justice against a network of wealthy and powerful criminals - including a former Kentucky Senator, a former U.S. congressman and Philadelphia lawyer, a former FBI agent, a prominent law firm, a wealthy Southern socialite, and their American Indian Foundation - who brazenly steal millions. The incredible saga touches upon a vast spectrum of colorful characters, including the African tyrant Idi Amin, a master forger in London, a real estate mogul swindler, former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and even Roger and Chelsea Clinton. The arduous litigation rages through state and federal courts in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina in a classic David versus Goliath battle pitting the tenacious, pro se champion for justice against powerful forces of evil with dramatic events that contrast the best and worst examples of American lawyers, judges, and courts.