Book Description

Early chapters of this memoir include stories about Harmon Edward Coon, Myrtle Mae Meuret Coon, William Carl Spangler, and Ruth Sofia Forslund Spangler, the author's grandparents. She then writes about her parents, Joseph Harmon Coon and Helen Margaret Spangler Coon. The rest of the book is devoted to the author's own childhood, ending with high school graduation. She writes about daily life in home, school, church, and community. The writer shares experiences that shaped her personality, character, values, and religious views with brief looks at their effect in adulthood. This compilation of short stories provide a glimpse of life during the early and middle years of the twentieth century in midwest United States. The reader can reach back in time and either remember or imagine life without electricity, running water, television, electronics, and much more. Also the reader will recognize the ongoing, unchanging human relationships that evolve in daily living.