Book Description

The Simmons family from Newfoundland can be traced back to 1751.This is the birth date of Samuel Simmons who married Ann. Samuel and Ann lived in an area called Lower Island Cove. They had several sons including William Simmons, who became the forefather of all the Simmons' on the island.William married the widow Mary Pike. Mary had 9children from her marriage with Edward Pike. William and Mary had 3 children, John, James and William.The Simmons' lived at Lower Island Cove until at least 1836 when they moved to Mosquito down the road. At some point there are only two brothers who have descendents - John and James.James and John married sisters Elizabeth and Virtue Maria Pynn. Their half brother Edward Pike married another sister. The Pynn sisters were the daughters of Charles and Hannah Pynn.A number of John's descendents lived at Green's Harbour, Newfoundland. This book explores the facts that have been recorded and passed down through the family legends that all families have.