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From Publishers Weekly In April 1985, en route to a publicity tour in the U.S., Mowat was barred from crossing the border. The Canadian author of Never Cry Wolf and other books on wildlife and conservation was mystified, for U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service officials refused to reveal the grounds for their action. Mowat waged a war of publicity, and it was through press accounts, rather than being informed directly, that he learned the reasons (relating to his leftist and environmentalist sympathies) for his exclusion. His brief day-by-day account of the affair, written with charm and irony, relies heavily on quotes from newspaper articles, editorials and letters of support from Canadians and U.S. citizensthe latter of whom surprised him, since he had thought of Americans as toeing their government's 'arrogant, imperialistic' line. This 'discovery' of Mowat's may not be news on this side of the border, but it provides an encouraging conclusion to a maddening tale of official high-handedness. OctoberCopyright 1985 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more From Library Journal On April 23, 1985, just as he was about to board a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles to begin a promotional tour on behalf of his latest book, Canadian writ er Mowat was told by U.S. Immigration officials that he could not enter the countryno explanation given. Mowat was nonplussed. He set out at once to try to find why he was banned, and thus began one of the merriest run-arounds since ring-around-the-rosy was invent ed. It seems he was one of 40,000 listed in Immigration's ``Lookout Book'' of undesirables prohibited from entering the United States for holding views to which the government is opposed. Mowat finally got to see his file after the ban was lifted; it makes pathetic reading. His recounting of the whole episode, replete with editorials and let ters from U.S. citizens, is information al, educational, recreational, and highly recommended. A. J. Anderson, Grad uate Sch. of Library & Information Sci ence, Simmons Coll., BostonCopyright 1985 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more See all Editorial Reviews