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Review 'A quick read that takes the mystique out of the executive coaching process. ?Excellent.' -?BobbiMcPherson,?ChiefPeople Officer, Intrawest Resort'Many of us will recognize a 'Tom' within our organizations, and perhaps, within ourselves.? Conrad's book offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the coaching process, which when applied effectively with a motivated (even if resistant) leader, can convert even a skeptic into the type of leader with whom we all hope to work.'- ?Liza?McKelvey,?Vice President, Compliance and General Counsel,?Cochlear Americas'I have seen leaders undergo many (r)evolutions in my thirty-plus years an executive coach. In this engaging story, Anna Conrad shows how a relationship with a coach transforms one man from a results-driven 'bully' to a thoughtful leader who puts other people first.' -?Marshall Goldsmith, PhD,?New York Times bestselling author of?Triggers,?What Got You Here Won't Get You There, and?Mojo'(R)evolution: One Man's Journey to Conquering Leadership Challenges?offers insightful and practical advice to executives faced with the daily challenge of identifying, motivating and retaining talented employees. ?By taking the reader through an actual case study, Anna Conrad--a highly experienced executive coach--illustrates how even the most senior leaders can enhance their effectiveness and their 'professional brand' by gaining a deeper understanding of the impact of their leadership style and behaviors.' -?Barry Koch,?Former SVP and Chief Compliance Officer, Western Union Read more From the Author When I began writing?(R)evolution, I thought hard about the hundreds of people I have coached. My goal was to create a character who demonstrated the most common things executives do to derail their career. Tom pretty much wrote himself.?In all honesty, I am a little worried that Tom will hit close to home for many readers, making them uncomfortable with the similarities. There were a few times when I was writing the book and this happened. One day in particular, I had to pause my writing in the middle of a chapter for an executive web-coaching. During the coaching session, I found myself reliving the dialogue in the chapter, almost word-for-word. It was an eerie moment when I thought to myself, 'This is either really good or really bad'.??One of the reasons Tom was so easy to write about was that I had a little bit of Tom in me. We all do. As I tell my 10 year-old son, we just have to learn how to use it for good and not evil.Please contact me if you would like me to speak with your book club, join your blog, or present at your organization. Read more See all Editorial Reviews