Book Description

About the Author Edward L. Molina was an immigrant officer, investigator, traveler, a reliable friend and colleague, a loving son and brother, and a good husband and provider. He was born in Mesa, Arizona on July 2, 1930 to Pedro and Adelina Molina. He was also a brother to Dora Molina, who later became Mrs. Dora Weaver. For approximately three decades, Mr. Molina worked for the Immigration Naturalization Service on where he received numerous awards and praises for the outstanding service he showed. He showed true devotion and loyalty being as an immigrant officer, and his countless commendations and recognitions are greatly deserved. Mr. Molina also showed contentment and happiness, and as he oftentimes stated in various interviews, ?If I were starting all over again, I would do things in exactly the same manner.? After graduating from college, he worked for the Air Force as a gunner on a B-36. He then met his wife, Susan Molina, while on an assignment in Del Rio after graduating from the Border Patrol Academy in El Paso. Mr. Molina then worked as a supervising investigator at Kennedy International Airport in New York City, and after that numerous jobs as an investigator followed. His first assignment as an investigator came two year later, and it was on St. Thomas, Virgin Island. After again more than two years, he was assigned as an investigator, but this time, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through all his work assignments as an investigator, he extensively traveled to other countries as well. Edward L. Molina and his wife, Susan, and their son, Mark, went to San Francisco and to New York, again, because of the strict and high demands of Mr. Molina?s work as an investigator, but on September 1977, he and his family went back to Texas, and it was a glorious time, given that Mr. Molina received yet another promotion and was assigned as Assistant District Director for Investigations. Throughout his position as an Assistant District Director for Investigations, he conducted investigations in a rough estimate of 84 country areas, based out of the Federal Building in San Antonio. Read more