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Review ?Jack Ballentine is a force to be reckoned with. Murder for Hire delves into the seedy netherworld of murder for hire, close scrapes, and life under cover. A fascinating read.? ?Kerrie Droban, author of Running with the Devil: The True Story of the ATF's Inflitration of the Hells Angels?He effectively captures the violence and degradation of underclass criminality, where the lives of drug dealers, bikers, white supremacists, prostitutes, strippers and career criminals intersect.? ?Kirkus Reviews?A unique look at how law enforcement delves into the heart of the criminal world.? ?The Arizona Law Channel?A fascinating close-up of the criminal world.? ?Booklist?An undercover cop's raw voice, filled with outrage and sometimes humor, with the kind of details that can't be made up . . . A fascinating close-up of the criminal world.? ?Booklist Read more About the Author Jack Ballentine served as a police officer and a homicide detective for the Phoenix Police Department. He was a three-time Police Officer of the Year, was awarded both the International Investigator of the Year and the Medal of Merit, and was profiled in USA Today. He currently serves as the director of investigations for the Phoenix Fire Department. He lives in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife. Read more See all Editorial Reviews