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Review Wayne Courtois is a smart and gifted writer, shrewd yet compassionate, with a godlike eye for detail. His A Report from Winter is filled with beautiful sentences from beginning to end. It's a stunning book. --Scott Heim, author of We DisappearCourtois has an incredible eye for detail and an impeccable intuition about which detail is the most telling. He can break your heart and do so in a way that also brings a smile to your face. His humor is simple and true, unlike the over-rehearsed stand-up comedy you get with Augusten Burroughs or David Sedaris, and the contrast between his loving relationship with Ralph and the distance of his family is both personal and universal at the same time. And the writing is just so damn good. Courtois' descriptions of the icy Maine winter will have you shivering in the middle of summer, and you can smell the sharp tang of sea air in the scenes set by the beach. If you've ever had the experience of watching a loved one or even a family member die, this book will once again plug you into that helpless monotony with its inevitable end. Powerful and gripping, A Report from Winter is as true and as true to life as life gets. --Jerry Wheeler, Out in PrintThis memoir has already received high praise from numerous quarters and after reading the gripping account, I can add that it is all well deserved. This honest account is filled with memories and dreams of the author s childhood, his first date with his partner, and his quiet dysfunctional family. Although the summary calls this book stubbornly unsentimental, I would argue that the narrative is heavily sentimental but written with a brutal, almost painful honesty that yearns for something more than the truth will allow. Either way, this stark and evocative story will grip readers as it shows the love and pain within relationships. --Rainbow Reviews Read more