Book Description

My life has seen many tragedies, obstacles and struggles that I overcame due to my love of family, hard work, sacrifices and the tradition of duty. China was at that time undergoing many upheavals, first being bullied by Western powers, then a full invasion by the Japanese Imperial Army. My family and I became refugees who escaped the Japanese advance several times. I was born in China but my father was born in Seattle, WA and had to return to China for a bride who was prevented from coming to America due to the Chinese Exclusion Act. I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers, but before then, I was a teenager living with my family in Southern China. After WWII, I helped my sisters, mother, brother-in-law and his children come to America, then known to the Cantonese Chinese as "Gumm Saan" or Gold Mountain. We started new lives and are thankful we have never looked back. This is a partial story of my journey.