Book Description

Why do cherubs have such enduring appeal? Is it the innate charm of babies, the attraction of things divine, or perhaps the unique way they seem to embody at once the secular and the divine? Whether infant angel or mythological cupid, cherubs have charmed us since ancient times with their innocent faces and candid merriment. "Cherubs" is a celebration of these beloved, pudgy, rosy-cheeked legendary creatures. A favourite subject of Raphael and Botticelli, of Victorian valentines, and ubiquitous in modern decoration, the image of the cherub has evolved through the centuries, and its popularity continues to soar. This book brings together cherubs from every age, replete with a package of surprises - featuring a removable valentine, a pop-up page, spectacular flying cherubs on transparent acetate pages, and a gatefold. Art historian Alexander Nagel's wide-ranging introduction explores the universality and popularity of the cherub in our culture. Literary quotations enliven almost every page, and a shopping directory enables readers to seek out cherubs of every variety.