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From Booklist If there?s only room in the library budget for one book on ceramics, select this one, because not only is British potter Taylor?s know-how encyclopedic but her book is simply a gorgeous how-to. It looks like a coffee-table book, complete with exquisite galleries for almost every technique. About a dozen artists across the globe are profiled, communicating individual backgrounds and philosophies as well as sample portfolios. Step-by-step color photographs are easily incorporated into the text, illustrating techniques from cut-and-stack wedging (to remove air from the clay) to applying lusters as one finish. Tips and troubleshooting information save novices and pros alike from lengthy diagnoses of failures, whether the issue is a wobbly or a pinholed pot. Almost every question possible?including types of kilns and advice on displays?is answered clearly and in detail. --Barbara Jacobs Read more About the Author Louisa Taylor holds a Masters degree in Ceramics and Glass. She has received numerous design awards and her work has been featured in respected design publications. She lives in England. Read more