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From the Inside Flap If the name Langdon sounds familiar, it's because Dan Brown named the intrepid protagonist of 'The Da Vinci Code and 'Angels & Demons after ambigram- and symbol-designer John Langdon. Brown will contribute a foreword to 'Wordplay. An award-winning graphic designer, John Langdon was perhaps the first practitioner of the art of ambigrams and is widely recognized as a master of the form. Now, in this updated edition of 'Wordplay, Langdon adds a significant amount of new material to further enhance the reader's enjoyment of the peculiar illusion created when a word can be read right-side up and upside down. The ambigrams John draws are accompanied by his thoughts on the words themselves. He even demonstrates how to make an ambigram, but be warned: it's not as easy as it looks. Featuring a four-color insert, this lovely edition is filled with truly elegant pieces of lettering art-a great gift not only for Dan Brown fans but also for lovers of calligraphy and puzzles. Read more About the Author Graphic designer JOHN LANGDON has won numerous awards for his logo designs; his ambigrams have appeared in countless publications; and the first museum show of his paintings was held in late 2004 ?at the Noyes Museum of Art in New Jersey.He is the creator of the ambigrams in Dan Brown?s Angels & Demons. Langdon teaches at the College of Media Arts & Design at Drexel University, and lives in Philadelphia.? Read more See all Editorial Reviews