Book Description

From the Publisher Sylvia Woods' harp music books are among the most popular books for harpists at any level. They are playable on lever harps (also called Irish, Celtic, or folk harps) as well as pedal harps (also called concert, grand, or orchestral harps). Her multi-level books are easily accessible for both beginners and advanced players. In these books, Sylvia has created two arrangements for each piece: an easy version, and one that is more difficult. Beginners can start with the easy version, and work their way up to the harder one. The two versions can also be played back to back to make a more varied arrangement. More advanced players and pedal harpists can add extra notes and chords to the harder version, making their own unique arrangement. The two versions can also be played together as a duet Read more From the Author Whenever I perform for weddings or other events, I always play a lot of music by O'Carolan. His tunes are varied (some are slow and mournful, and some are fast and happy), and are always popular with audiences. They're also fun to play! Read more See all Editorial Reviews