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From Booklist For some time now, Grateful Dead drummer Hart has been a songcatcher, a collector of the originally noncommercial music popularly called traditional music. Many anthropologists, musicians, political and labor organizers, composers, social workers, and others were songcatchers before him, and it is their collective story that he and professional writer Kostyal tell in this engaging book. They discourse a little on music's many purposes, then leap into songcatching via sound recording. The first field recordings were of American Indian music, and the late-nineteenth-century phenomenon of world's fairs spurred the capture of Asian, African, and Pacific Island music. Meanwhile, young Anglophone composers combed the British Isles for their peoples' songs. Hart and Kostyal note major figures and events in field recording down to the present, at which point Hart relates his own experiences. Historic photographs magnificently illustrate Hart and Kostyal's accessible overview of a subject that, despite its intrinsic attractiveness, has usually been written up only in turgid academic tomes. A book for every popular library. Ray OlsonCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more