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Review 'Emberley is a chameleonic artist. His work encompasses both the simple doodlesque renderings that characterize his how-to-draw franchise, and more difficult techniques, like woodcuts, which he make appear effortless. That versatility is on display in Ed Emberley, which [Todd] Oldham calls 'a whistle stop through Ed?s 60-plus years as a creator.'' ?The Atlantic'... The new art tome by star designer Todd Oldham and artist and art historian Caleb Neelon that offers a monumental, lushly illustrated retrospective of the first half of Emberley?s career.' ?The Artery'In his fun and thorough introduction, [Caleb] Neelon talks to a collection of artists whose impressionable young minds felt a big Emberley imprint, including Mel Kadel, Josh Keyes, and Souther Salazar, and the intergenerational dialogue becomes loud and clear. Like all the best children's books, 'Ed Emberley' does not skimp on the pictures, and the incredible range of style, subjects and technique is showcased beautifully. Emberley's influence is unstoppable, and luckily, this book will be around for future generations. It's a book that had to be made.' ?Juxtapoz'Todd Oldham and Caleb Neelon, obviously big fans of Emberley?s work, have created this beautiful homage to the man and his work. This large, coffee-table-type of book is filled with wonderful examples of Emberley?s charming illustrations, from many of his over one hundred published books. In addition to the astonishing number of art examples, there is a well-written biography, accompanied by a good collection of photographs from throughout his life. This book is a real treat for anyone who loves picture book art.' ?San Francisco Book Review Read more About the Author Ed Emberley is a Caldecott award-winning children?s book illustrator and writer who has been creating original books since the 1960s. He has written and illustrated more than 100 books, including his beloved how-to-draw books for kids. These simple and straightforward books, originally published in the 1970s and 1980s, have encouraged a generation of kids to take the drawing process step-by-step. Contemporary working artists today often cite Ed Emberley as a beloved early inspiration in their development as artists. By encouraging kids to draw using just a few simple shapes, Emberley has made drawing and creating accessible to everyone. Read more