Book Description

The success of the recent release of Vegedex caused the Vege-council to call an emergency meeting to discuss the purity of the canon. After only two days of meetings, it was unanimously decided that initial concerns were unfounded and not only was Vegedex officially accepted into the canon, its successor-in-the-works was proactively accepted as well. That successor is Vegeflections, Nick Dolan's newest coloring book. Vegeflections is the symmetrical companion to Vegedex and uses its illustrations as source material but mirrors, reflects, and/or tiles that art in ways that create fascinating new coloring pages focused on repeating elements. The designs range from simple to mind-bendingly intricate and many can be neatly cut out and displayed around your domicile, or super-glued to your neighbors car. Enjoy this newest addition to the vege-canon and know that you are doing it with the express blessing of the Vege-council. Over 60 single-sided illustrations Tesselations, alien fungal spores, hyperspace quilts and more! High resolution prints with great attention to detail Designs range from simple to incredibly intricate