Book Description

About the Author Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D. has been drawing since she was five years old, and would color her father?s office stationery with crayons to create colored paper for art projects. She received her first acrylic paint set in 1973 (a $25.00 kit was a lot of money back then!) and promptly drove her art teacher crazy finishing class projects in hours versus days. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University?s Bachelor of Art Program, and then re-engaged later at Radford University where she earned her BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. She later returned to Old Dominion University to earn her Masters Degree in Adult Education and attended Old Dominion University for her Doctorate of Philosophy in Education (STEMPS/OTS/T&D/HR). Over the years she has developed a distinctive style for her pen and ink illustrations of old barns and houses, as well as Colonial Williamsburg architectural portraiture. She is currently working in mixed-media using recycled magazines to create 3-D images of stylistic animals and mandalas, as well as using childhood craft processes (bubble-gum chains, paper footballs, and quilling techniques) to create sophisticated paper baskets that are woven together in a non-traditional way. She is the author of 68 books on the topics of business, career search practices, mandala books for hypnotherapy and meditation, coloring books for adults, women and gender studies, and quotes for self-improvement (?2,000+? & ?3,000+? series), as well as genealogy and family lineage. She assists other authors publish their manuscripts in the print-on-demand market and also has a series of books entitled: Interview with An Artist. The interview books compile artists? interviews with photos of the artist?s work to assist the artists in marketing and branding their work to an international marketplace. Forty-eight of her books can be found on She is also active in writing stories for the Virginian Pilot?s Inside Business weekly, ?Ask the Expert? column stories. She finished her doctor of philosophy May 2013 at Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA) in Education (Occupational & Technical Studies/ Training & Development in HR). Her dissertation is entitled, ?Competencies of Human Resources Practitioners within the Government Contracting Industry,? which identified unique KSAs for HR Managers working for contracting companies. Dr. Boyer has been an entrepreneur for 14+ years and mentors entrepreneurs via the SBA SCORE program. Read more